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The nose is said to be the first thing a person looks at when talking to you since it is in the middle of the face. Different impressions on a person’s nose can be thought of by the person whom he is talking to. Opinions like, “wow, he has a peculiar nose” or “his nose is too big for his face” or “why is his nose that flat?” Harsh comments it may seem, but I know most of us have thought that about another person’s nose.

If you always get those comments, then male rhinoplasty is heaven-sent for you. Those days of harsh criticism may come to an end and instead become “Wow, your nose is so perfect.” Contrary to popular belief, rhinoplasty is not only prevalent in women but has evolved to be popular with men as well, especially in South Korea. So, do you think you are a male in need of rhinoplasty?

Or are you just curious about the procedure since its most common in females? Read through and know more details about this procedure.

What is Male Rhinoplasty?

Male rhinoplasty has risen in popularity and is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures done on men, especially in Korea. This procedure is mostly done to straighten the bridge of the nose.

A straight nasal bridge and a fuller mid-nose width display masculinity and are known to be the perfect male nose. The surgery can be for cosmetic purposes, like correcting a crooked nose, or enhancing the shape of a man’s nose to match it with his face and masculinity. It can also be for medical purposes, like correcting the nose to improve breathing, or to fix the damage caused by an injury.

Difference between Female and Male Rhinoplasty

You may think that since this is rhinoplasty, the same procedure is followed regardless of if the patient is male or female. Yes, it is the same procedure, but the doctor may tweak some techniques and methods. Males’ and females’ noses still differ in two factors, namely, the aesthetic side and the anatomical side.

  • The anatomy; each gender’s noses are anatomically different from each other. Men’s noses are more prominent with a straight bridge, a wider width, and thick skin. On the other hand, a female’s nose is much more defined and curved.
  • The aesthetic difference; especially in the result, after getting a nose job, is for males to have a straight nose bridge with a less rotated tip since this shows power and masculinity. While for females, they choose to have a much more petite nose with the tip turned upwards.

Benefits of Male Rhinoplasty

Male rhinoplasty may be costly, just like any other plastic surgery, but its benefits pay for its price. The benefits of rhinoplasty in both male and female include:

• Increase in confidence
• Removal of bumps and dips
• Restoration of face and nose symmetry
• Gives nasal tip an improved appearance
• Makes both nostrils symmetrical
• Improvement in breathing
• Correction of congenital disabilities

Who is Eligible for Rhinoplasty?

Not all males may require rhinoplasty because some already have that perfect male nose, and some are not in good medical condition to undergo surgery. To be specific, males who can have a rhinoplasty procedure are as follows:

• Males who have a deformed nose because of injury from an accident
• Males with an inherently crooked nose
• Males who have an undeveloped nose
• Males with bent and stuffy noses because of nasal problems
• Males with large nostrils
• Males with weak noses
• Males who have a feminine like nose
• Males who underwent rhinoplasty but are not happy with the outcome
• Males with a flat or wide nose bridge

Procedure and Before and After Male Rhinoplasty

A male nose job, just like any plastic surgery, is customized depending on the patient’s requirements. The process starts with the doctor designing the outcome for the patient to see how the results will look and also approve it if it is to their liking. Then, the doctor makes a cut that will separate the nose bridge and periosteum to allow him to insert the implant.

Once the surgeon finishes cutting, he inserts the prosthesis, which is shaped based on the patient’s goal, between the periosteum and the nose bridge. For the tip of the nose, cartilage is to be extracted and implanted on the nose tip.

To give you an idea of how male rhinoplasty looks after the procedure, here is a picture of two males before and after a male nose job.



Throughout the procedure, the surgeon’s team will follow the specifics of the surgery for 1.5-3.5 hours. It required that you stay in the clinic for 2-3 hours before you can resume your daily errands. The operation would not be possible without administering anesthesia; in this case, local anesthesia with sedation is used throughout the procedure.

After the surgery, your nose may not look normal until 2-3 weeks later. In this time, you should see that it has mostly healed and that the swelling and redness have dramatically decreased, if not disappeared altogether. Give it 6-9 months, and your nose should entirely be the way you envisioned it. Everything should have healed and be in the proper place

Results and Aftercare

Rhinoplasty’s result, in general, is considered to be semi-permanent. Although, after the surgery, the patient should observe the much-needed care since it is a surgery, and swelling and bruising will still heal for a couple of weeks. A male who underwent rhinoplasty should strictly follow the instructions below:

  • Do not blow your nose if you are not yet on the 3-week mark
  • Avoid smoking and drinking four weeks after the surgery
  • Never touch the scar or tear the scab
  • Eat a lot of healthy food like fruits and vegetables to help quicken the healing process
  • Avoid strenuous acitivities for the mean time
  • Avoid laughing and smiling too much
  • Wear buttoned clothes instead of the ones you have to pull over your head


Nowadays, plastic surgery is not only prominent with females, but it has evolved to be part of a male’s goal in physical beautification, specifically, male nose jobs. Even though it is a procedure for the beautification of the nose, male and female rhinoplasty procedures are still considered different anatomically and aesthetically.

Just like female rhinoplasty, candidates for this surgery are those with an uneven nose shape, crooked nose, and a flat nose bridge, to name a few. As expected, Korea is still the best place to get a nose job even for males, expertise and cost-wise.

What is good about this procedure is that it only requires a couple of hours to complete and takes only several weeks to recover. Before and after photos can attest to the guaranteed effectiveness of the surgery, as well as the expertise of the surgeons in South Korea.

Procedures like this may be expensive, but we should always take into account that nothing is too costly as long as the pros, which are the benefits of the male rhinoplasty, outweigh the cons. Given this, if you are a male who has long been awaiting to get rhinoplasty, now is the time to get a consultation with the best clinics in South Korea. You are just one click away from getting that nose you have always desired.

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